Eight Days in Convoke is a physics-based arcade game that places you into the cockpit of an alien craft tasked with the abduction of unknowing human. Gently and thoughtfully apply thrust and rotation to your craft to counter gravity and fly through the noire themed levels. Avoid dangers such as military grade AA Missile Launchers, fuel stealing EMP Pylons, solid materials and the ever present threat of finite fuel. Pilot your way through 40 levels across 8 European countries, Abduct humans to progress and repeat levels in ever quicker completion times to unlock bonus stars. Master the levels, conquer the human race.

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Fun little game, definitely worth the $0.99 if you can pick it up on sale. I have a few complaints that keep it from getting a higher score.

First, the humans are really hard to see. I understand you're going for atmosphere, but when it takes away from the game itself, it's too far. Even just making them a gray shade would make them stand out more, but not take away from the overall style.

Also, a little thing, if you use the keyboard to play the game, you should be able to use the keyboard to navigate the menu. It was irritating to have to reach over to my mouse just to start the next level.

If those two things were fixed, I would give it an 8.


You can make this game more cool than he is in this moment , just try !


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Pretty fun game... it slightly reminds me of limbo, but it's about aliens.

For a dollar it is worth it, the game doesn't follow a storyline (which disappoints me) but it is a fairly fun puzzle game.


This is a little Indie side-scrolling game and even though I described it as "little" it's got a good 40 levels in it all with challenging physics related puzzles. You fly a small UFO around a pleasantly bleak landscape and abduct helpless humans who are wandering around the landscape. The game gets significantly more challenging as time goes on with your finite fuel supply and the inclusion of military defense turrets that you have to avoid and dodge past!

In terms of its graphic style it's very simplistic in that it uses silhouettes, I have seen people describing the style as "similar to Limbo" which personally I have to disagree with, being that the only similarity between the two games is that they use an almost exclusively dark palette. Also of note is the soundtrack, which is extremely pretty and instantly exudes a sense of foreboding and adds a surprising weight to the game, considering its side-scrolling and "arcadie" nature.

Overall, I feel that this game is fun, solid, little time killer that offers a real challenge as time goes on with tight skill-based gameplay and a pleasant simplistic aesthetic. For £2.99 this game is a real steal and will at least keep you occupied for a few hours!


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Meu tipo de gráfico preferido. Jogo bom de se jogar e bem produzido.

I like graphic style. Good game.


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