Dymoria is an indie tile/voxel-based MMO that is in early production; it is a 3rd person sandbox survival game with no quests, no bosses, and no 'end game'. The goal of Dymoria is to survive as long as you can; against the hostile world and its predators which will seek to consume you, or other players who intrude upon your home. Dymoria will feature casual, time/turn based combat and stylish low poly graphics in the post-post apocalyptic world, long after a war brought about the end of civilization. Humanity barely clings to existence, and nature has taken over. The dominant species of the world are large, meat eating plants with a hunger that can only be satisfied by your death. The creatures of this world will not be passive kills for you; they will be actively hunting you. You will not the undefeatable hero, you will be the prey... It's not about the fight... it's about the struggle to survive.

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Dymoria's new IndieDB Page


My first post on IndieDB, how exciting! Though, to be honest, also a little overwhelming... having multiple blogs can be a bit daunting when trying to get everything done on your own. My blog on Patreon (link below) will continue to be my primary blog as it's been for the last several months. So, if you want the uber detailed dev blogs of the most boring stuff, that's probably the place to go to read... meanwhile, I will update IndieDB and other blogs with the most significant updates!

If you want to try Dymoria's test server, you can do so here: Dymoria's Test Server -> Do keep in mind, the test server is a functional test of the server<>client only, it is not a functional game. It's also, often, a month behind where development of Dymoria actually is since I run the server for weeks at a time to measure stability of each test release. Graphics are, for the most part, place holders that will change with time.

Now, less more, more babbling...

Despite being 254 days old, Dymoria's development is still very young. The bulk of those 254 days was programming the server and client cores and making them stable enough to start building a game around. However, it wasn't long ago that I got over that hurdle and started building the server-side resource system for crafting.. and currently, working on the first client pass. The client hasn't had any functional updates since about October. Nearly everything prior to now was pretty much server side. So, the client continued to have no UI, terrible controls and served as nothing more than rudimentary portal into the server to test functions. However, with the first client pass, that will start to change, as it will start acquiring the interface needed to connect game functions.

But, that aside, where did Dymoria come from?

Dymoria was born from a MUD I designed in the 90s, and I had always wished I could expand to be something more. Back in the day, I didn't have the skills to develop such an ambitious project. However, today, I do. Scope has been reigned to an indie level by making the game tile/voxel based, removing physics based movements, designing the upcoming combat system to be turn based, and most importantly... making the world more about sandbox survival and crafting than questing. Only the backstory exists, no quest NPCs, no quests at all. Dymoria will give building tools and features through extended crafting to allow the players to build up an entire world, which I feel will create a much richer and interesting experience than creating quests and stories ever could. There's only so much grinding you can do before you've done it 100 times... but, give players the ability to build homes, villages, towns, or even cities and fortresses... as long as they can hold it from nature and other players. If they abandon their structures then they will slowly and eventually decay into ruins... that may be mysteries for future players. The future history of Dymoria will be written by the players who play.

Anyway, thank you for visiting Dymoria's first blog page.. and welcome to my world. :) I hope you'll be interested in joining me on this journey.

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