Clean up the world with style! As an acrobatic janitor, you are an adept force against dust and disorder. Leap and dash off walls and ceilings, and deftly traverse precarious environments. Cleanse each level swiftly and thoroughly to achieve mastery in this 2D, sweep-'em-up platformer. -Dustforce has over 50 levels, from elegant exploration maps to intense challenges for hardcore players. -Compete on the online leaderboard and instantly watch replays of every player's best attempts. -Roam through a myriad of beautiful environments accompanied by an original soundtrack. -Create and share custom maps with the powerful level editor and integrated map sharing server. -Play against your friends with local multiplayer matches.

Rikachu says

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If there's anything this game excels at; it's the art/style. It's a beautiful game; although at times the game play might be frustrating, the scenery is great to look at and the music is gorgeous.

Game play is also great; there is a good tutorial to teach the basic controls. However, some "advanced moves/tactics" must be discovered yourself; and these moves are essential for beating the 50-some levels.

All levels and other utilities are connected with the same world. There are virtually no menus, and with the recent update, getting around is very easy for any newbie.

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