Dungeoncraft is a fantasy real time strategy game featuring multiplayer sandbox survival type gameplay, dynamic world expansion, and 3D grid based digging and building. It does allow for direct control over your units, having indirect orders only for convenience' sake. Craft weapons, raid dungeons for epic loot and mighty spells, brew potions, build or dig fortifications against the computer or your friends. It's all up to you! Play in the unique "communicationsmode", which only allows you to control your units if you supply them with orders or contact them directly with your avatar or substitutes! Requires at least opengl 3.3 capability to run; Windows XP untested, but Vista and newer will definitly work.

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Patch 258 is now up with scriptable spells, weather effects and some minor changes and bugfixes.

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Patch 258 is now up with scriptable spells, weather effects and some minor changes and bugfixes.

Patch 258 changelog:

  • Fixed save game menus' new game option disappearing sometimes
  • Added Ruby Interpreter
    • Spells are now scriptable in ruby, allowing new ones to be added
    • Powerful tool for server administration / cheating
    • More scriptable systems very much possible
Ruby is a interpreted programming language much like Lua is.
Here is an example of what a spell's script looks like, in this case augmentum: *link*
The spells required rank and name is given by how the file is named.
You can type all of these commands in manually in the chat and
execute them like that if you're an authed admin or playing singleplayer.
The following example:
/##unit = DC.constants.level.unit_by_id(2); unit.skills.Add(autohash "Craft", 20, unit);
Gives one of your starting units very high crafting skill.
If you want to get into this and already know Ruby the best way
would probably be to check out all spell scripts and look through the
DC module.

  • Added Weather/Seasons
    • Rain & snow particle effects (can be turned off)
    • One season lasts 30 ingame days
    • No gameplay effects yet
Patch 258 rain
It's raining. No gameplay effects yet.
  • Fixed crash with ranged weapons
  • Fixed torch not making clear that it's not lit
  • Made chunk loading faster
  • Fixed metal thick plate & big metal blade models not loading
  • Fixed ingame options' titles not being there
  • Fixed possible crash on closing game
  • Added a window for setting diplomacy with other players, instead of having it done through chat commands
  • Changed torch model
  • Changed inventory, etc. windows' graphics again
  • Legendary crafted items now get random enchants/stat boosts (more the better the crafting skill)
  • Items now use tooltips when hovering over them in the inventory
Patch 258
A crafted legendary weapon with randomly chosen boni.
These for now can include all 8 stats and a damage bonus for weapons,
protection bonus for armor and a power bonus for tools.
Amount of boni is determined by the crafter's skill level.
  • The server console window uses ctrl+C for save&quit now
  • Added missing bone armor, bone&stone spear recipes
  • Fixed listcrafting "unknown/corrupt type"-message
  • Changed message of not being able to learn spell to red
  • Made listcrafting update when open

Next patch I will focus on making the weather&seasons have at least some gameplay effect (rain causing lower visibility, winter causing units to freeze if not provided with fire, etc.)
and possibly put a new map feature in, depending on wether it works out or not.

For more up-to-date development reporting have a look at the game's website: *link*
Also, my twitter is @Zinnusl where I sometimes post screenshots of stuff I'm currently working on.

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