Dungeon Siege combines the immersive elements of a role-playing game with over-the-top intensity and non-stop action. Dungeon Siege plunges you into a continuous 3D fantasy world where you face off against an army of evil that has been unleashed. Dungeon Siege is a RPG set in the "Kindom of Ehb" in a medieval type timeframe, similar to games like Diablo. It was created as a highly modable game, and released with an indepth Game Editor, as well as a 3D modelling program. There are a large number of mods in production for the game, extending and pushing its brilliant immersive gameplay to the edge.

Shadow_Micha says

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Pick everybody around your journey and lets have some "party". Yeah, old classic hack and slash RPG with linear storyline. Played in LAN long ago with college friends and it was quite fun.

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