Dungeon of Elements is an RPG dungeon crawler with combat inspired by some of our favorite classic puzzle games like Dr. Mario or Tetris. In Dungeon of Elements (DoE), core meets casual as we combine many different styles of gameplay in a fun, immersive experience. The fledgling Alchemy Guild of Primordiax needs you to help restore its former glory. To that end, you will: * Explore 3 continents and 45 different dungeons. * Defeat 56 different enemy types and 12 bosses. * Enjoy a combat system inspired by classic puzzle games like Dr. Mario and Tetris. * Discover hundreds of crafting recipes through experimentation. * Craft legendary weapons and armor. * Customize your character with a tremendous variety of equipment options. * Find and befriend pets. * Unlock Achievements. * Collect scrolls to fill your Bestiary and study your foes. * Progress through the story and choose your own path. * Compete with your friends and other players to clear dungeons or the entire game fastest.

graspee says

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Games like Puzzle Quest are Bejeweled with rpg elements thrown on top; this is Dr. Mario with rpg elements thrown on top. It's quite fun but could do with being a little more polished. Also you get better loot drop chance if you turn on twitter integration?! wtf? cheap ploy.

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Very few casual friendly games have such incredibly depth and variety in gameplay. I was amazed as I played this game by the incredible attention to detail. There is so much to do in this game and so many reasons to keep playing. I have beaten the game with two different characters and have plans for so many more. There are a lot of different gear combinations and strategies I would like to try to see how good my dungeon times can get. I really love the way Frogdice's games all contribute to an…

Nov 9 2013 by GreenGrubber