"Simple Point and Click" Adventure. The goal of Dungeon Lurk, is a easy to play, easy to move click adventure. Play the role of the accidental savior named Lurk in this story driven adventure. An adventure full of mystery, obstacles, enemies, stories, battles, puzzles, fun and comedy. Ceghran, The Dread King, has constructed a dungeon kingdom to house his lords, accumulate souls, create magical artifacts and form dreadful legions. Ceghran has his lords collecting souls to reconstruct his being. If Ceghran is successful in becoming whole, the world will be in anguish. It's now up to you to stop Ceghran and his Lords from causing mayhem across the realm. Complete with Built-Out 3D environments. Easy to Control - 24 Custom Music Soundtracks - Over 150 Voiceovers and Sound FX - Graphic Intensive - Puzzles - Coin Collection - Random Loot - Random Puzzles - Random Stories - Random Spawns - RPG - Progressive Elemen

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