Drox Operative is a starship action RPG with warring alien races, fierce space battles, a dynamic, evolving galaxy, and co-op multiplayer.

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Another slam dunk by Soldak! Having loved Din's Curse and Depths of Peril I guess it was a no brainer I would love this too. Mixing Soldaks unique spin on the ARPG with a 4X game sure is a niche move, but it works perfect for my taste. Thanks again for the amazing experience!


Verry fun game. hopeful for internet servers to work well. single player seems to be full of fun pew pew and looting . like the whole ship upgrade to a bigger better ship thing . I would recomend it. would love to team up with some people in this game. the stratigy in equiping and upgrading your ship is fantastic many ways to go there. Also love that you can have different ships to enter into a game (cant change during a game) but before you go into a game you can choose wich ship you would like to take in. Good game and they seem to be updating it often


Fluffeh says

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I do love a space shooter, specially when i can fly wherever i want and whatever i want. Although by doing that i risk being killed by every faction or higher level "monsters".

I would prefer that lose conditions could be chosen to exclude the possibility of losing when all races are hostile to me, since i can make favor with them as soon as i gain enough money to bribe or attack them enemies! ^.^ But as long as you keep your eye on your relations with races and make sure you are always in ones favor, you should be alright, until another enemy race takes over your allies systems while you are in them, what a fight for your life!

Try to pump out suggestions where the developers can see them, i'd love this game to be improved with physics and more depth as they already went this far to make a semi free form, free roam, space shooter.


Wavinator says

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Drox Operative is really a one of a kind game. First off, action RPGs that are set in space are as rare as hen's teeth. Secondly, of the few RPGs that react to your choices, most feature scripted sequences, which means that they respond pretty much the same way every time you make a choice.

Drox is different. It drops you in the middle of a dynamic, changing galaxy filled with enemy factions and alien civilizations that are vying for control even as you play the game. They'll invade planets, hatch plots, form alliances and go to war, all with or without you.

Your role in the game is as a mercenary flying a ship that can be leveled in stats and in size. Better stats allow better gear whereas bigger ships can mount MORE gear (but are slower).

You can play the good guy or bad guy, help one side or another or focus on trying to win by becoming the most respected, most feared or richest in the sector. As you play you may find that you have to switch sides or change your strategy in response to the actions of the random "monster" factions (sentient spaceships that breed and form clans) or the advance/decline of the alien civilizations.

Like Diablo, loot is randomly generated. Upgrades come as weapons, sensors, batteries, reactors, etc and even crew members. You can pick from several races to play, each with their own benefits.

While overall a solid ARPG, Drox does suffer from a few failings: Sometimes the game gets a bit repetitive, and because the AI races are fighting it out with or without you, it can be hard to tell what's going on until you've explored the map. Loot is critical but upgrading your inventory relies on "cargo bays" appearing randomly as drops or in the stores, which can be annoying. And the game world as a whole, because it's random, can feel a bit generic as there's little in the way of story or custom flavor dialog.

That said, Drox Operative is one of the most unique ARPGs I've ever played, and gets even better played co-op with a friend

A brilliant little Game with a true sandbox feel


Love this game and all the games they make.


Diablo meets 4X in Space. Pretty Cool.


Fun game, if you like spaz you will like this


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Don't mess around, go play the demo. Do it right now.

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