Drive 4 Survival is a struggle for survival in the frozen wilderness, where you only need to rely on yourself and your car.

You are alone in the middle of the frozen wilderness, where the surrounding world is your greatest enemy. With minimal initial equipment, you must first provide for your basic needs and find a safe haven from adverse weather.

For faster, a little safer travel and exploring the world, it is necessary to repair the car. Provide fuel and the necessary items for the car to function properly. But also don't forget the very survival of your character.

You will face the decision of whether to go a long way and hope to find the last fragments of the world without snow cover and build a new home here, or move on smaller sections and use hidden places under the snow for survival, which are the necessary raw materials for longer survival, but also full of other dangers. Or just go on an expedition to obtain the necessary raw materials.

During your travels around the world, you will have to face a cold environment, treacherous locations and also enemies. It will also be necessary to procure food, water, weapons, ammunition, warm clothing and all other equipment to survive in an inhospitable world full of surprises and dangers.

Your vehicle also requires maintenance in the form of repairs and fuel security. There is nothing worse than staying in the middle of a dangerous winter without supplies of food and fuel.

For better enjoyment of long journeys in the car around the frozen world, you have a car radio with a connection to a real online music radio station.

What do we plan (among other things) for a full-fledged game:

Balancing survival mechanics.

A more complex world and its overall content for playability.

Greater credibility of the whole world.

Offer more vehicles for players.

More building elements for building a house.

Setting the right atmosphere for a better gaming experience.

Possibility to set up your own online radio according to your taste and discretion.

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D4S - dev blog - #002


Hello everyone,

we would like to share with you some of the new information and progress in development.

First of all, we want to thank everyone for their interest in our game and support - we appreciate it very much, and thank you.

Some Friday has passed since the last blog and a lot of work has been done. And today we will introduce some of these new or improved things.

All information, videos, or images below are from the working version of the game and may not correspond to the final version.


We have improved on AI humanoid enemies and solved their ability to drive cars. Enemies in cars will try to make your trip around the frozen world uncomfortable and will fearlessly attack and bump into you.
Depending on the situation, they will also evaluate whether to get out of the car and starting an attack on your character.
You will also be able to control abandoned enemy cars, but it will not be possible to store them in your garage.
You also need to be careful about damaging cars - as these cars explode after damage and the explosion will damage surrounding objects within range, including your character or your car.
You can get a better idea in the video below.
The video is created in our special dev zone (where we tune gameplay, mechanics, and other things) - that's why the scene is cluttered with illogical items;) The video also shows several other new elements and mechanics. The atomic bomb at the end is just our joke and test of vizuáls effects :)


We also worked a lot on the construction regime and there were several major changes and improvements.
The whole construction of your house is now working on a new system. When you first build a wooden structure made of KVH prisms, and you do not determine the wall fillings (wood, stone, etc.).
You define this only after you have built the structure. Thanks to this method, you can specify a different wall for the exterior or interior. Specify the floor, ceiling, or other changes. Everything can be done even on the finished walls and at will, you can change the appearance of the house according to your taste and mood at any time on the already built building.
During the design of the building, you will have the opportunity to build scaffolding and get to higher places on your construction sites.
The video will tell you more. The video has 30 minutes :D Because we built the house without preparation and tried what can be done or not.
And somehow we forgot about the time - after 30 minutes we ended the video, even though the house was far from finished.


This is a game feature that we don't want to talk about much today. But currently, we can reveal that not the whole world is under a thick cover of snow. From the main big game world, you will be able to travel (using a helicopter) to other smaller zones, which will be used mainly for obtaining resources. Some of these zones will be without snow and it will be possible to experience different conditions for survival or discover new locations.
We will write more about the function of the world sometime next time ...

The video below is from a "work in progress" version of the new forest zone.

Thanks so much for your time!

If you like our game, you see potential in it or you are just interested.
Don't worry and add the game to your wish list on Steam.
Recommend her friends to follow her as well.
Share the teaser, pictures, and information - just about anything that will help get the game to other potential fans.

We will be very grateful for any action and support.
Thank you very much in advance for anything!

Feel free to ask anything in the comments.
You can also suggest what you would like to hear more about development (and maybe we include it in future dev blogs).


D4S - dev blog - #001

D4S - dev blog - #001


We bring you our first dev blog. This first one will be maybe a little general, but somehow it has to start.


This is what I like.Tracking!^^

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