Drakan: Order of the Flame is an action-adventure computer game. The game follows Rynn, a young woman with extraordinary martial skills, and an ancient dragon Arokh on their quest to free Rynn's younger brother from the evil sorcerer Navaros. The gameplay alternates between dungeon exploration and monster fighting when Rynn is alone and aerial dogfights when she mounts Arokh.

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had dragon flying 12-13 years before Skyrim. also one of the hardest games ive ever played, even on easiest it was super hard.


One of the few games where you can enjoy the flight on a dragon.

Hardcore, gory and addictive. I always wished riding a dragon. It's a shame that Drakan: Order Of The Flame isn't on Steam or GOG. I didn't like The Ancients' Gates sequel for PS2 'cause it's full of game-breaking bugs and was too much lighty and softy.


Buggy but good.

That is a really awesome game :D:D




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