In a distant world, a once dormant magical relic known as Ragnarok has awakened once again. Whoever shall possess Ragnarok will be given unfathomable power. For this reason many seek to claim Ragnarok, each for their own wicked or noble desires. But what of you? What do you seek? Is it Fame? Fortune? Power? Redemption? Or..perhaps bringing back a lost loved one? Ragnarok will give you all these things...and more. Choose your champion and forge a deck filled with powerful creatures, skills and item cards to battle against players and their decks. You can turn the tides of battle to your favor by strategically using your champions 2 powerful abilities to claim victory. Days of Ragnarok's Awakening will contain multiple single player and multiplayer games modes and an in-game store.

Report RSS Update #5: Knowing The Basics - Elements and Classes

In this week's update we'll talk a little bit about the Elements and Classes featured in DoRA TCG.

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Hey guys, it Ken. Sorry for the delayed update. This week's update will focus more on gameplay than game development. we'll be talking about the different Elements and Classes that are in DoRA and their attributes. Every card has an Element, but only a few card types are aligned to a Class.
Nature, Fire, Water, Light and Dark. Each of these Elements play a little bit different from each other.


Nature, Fire, Water, Light and Dark. Each of these Elements play a little bit different from each other. Every card has an element, except for Neutral cards. You can only play cards that match the Element of your Champion though creatures are excluded from this restriction. Some attributes of Classes overlap with Elements.

Nature focuses on getting out more terrain cards/resources and boosting creature attack and health.
Fire focuses on burning targets, destroying terrain/resources and getting out creature cards faster.
Water focuses on Freezing targets, replenshing the hand and deck, splash/Area of Effect and boosting creature speed.
Light focuses on protecting Champions, creatures items and terrain, healing and removing negative effects from creatures and champions.
Dark focuses on deck disruption and antimeta play. Most of the cards focuses on hindering your opponent, destroying or discarding their cardsand just making their life harder.


Classes are also designed to play differently from one another. The only cards that have Classes are Champions, items and skills. You can only use Class specific cards if they match the the Class of your Champion.

Warriors increase the attack of creatures and weapons and rely on weapons.
Mages deal direct damage to their enemies and summon creatures/tokens.
Rogues rely on weapons, stealth and skills.
Archers heavily rely on weapons and items to deal damage.
Priest protect their creatures and heal them, they mostly rely on creatures an Items/Skills.
Apex Creatures rely on their abilities, skills and weapons to win.

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