A massive demonic invasion has overwhelmed the Union Aerospace Corporation's Mars Research Facility, leaving only chaos and horror in its wake. As one of only a few survivors, you must fight your way to hell and back against a horde of evil monsters.

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I thought I must do a tutorial of how to put and setting target_setinfluences properly in your map. So here it is.

Posted by on - Intermediate Mapping/Technical

Start doomedit and make a medium

sized room and draw a brush lengthwise

in middle of the room(while it's still selected)than right click on

grid then select trigger-->trigger_once.

This will automatically apply the trigger_once texture

and make the trigger properly.

Then right click on the grid and select info-->info_playerstart then pull it

down to ground.You now need 2 things a light and a

target_setinfluence.First right click on the grid and select light and put it

where you want in the room then press "n" to go to light's properties then

add the key "color_demonic",for value ".5 0 0" and press enter.Right click on

the grid and select target-->target_setinfluence.And go to its properties and

add key "time",for value "enter number of seconds for the effect to last" and

press enter.Then add key "radius",for value "example:400 this is the radius

of effect and the light must be in the radius of target_setinfluence".In

addition to all of this we can add key "fade_time",for value ".5" this fades

the screen to this color(default is 0.75).First select the trigger then select

target_setinfluence and press "ctrl+k".Now trigger is connected with

target_setinfluence.Save your map.Go to bsp and wait for compiling then

start your map and step onto trigger.

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