Dominium plunges you into a rich, diverse and ever evolving universe. A galaxy full of beauty and wonder, intrigue and betrayal, death and ancient dark forces. As you make your own way across the galaxy the choice is yours as to whether you dive headlong into the upcoming conflict and join the Navy, skirt around its edges and profit from it, or ignore it entirely.

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Apr 15 2013 Anchor

Welcome one and all :)

We're seeking input about what makes a great Spacer in your opinion! We're not out to steal ideas and call them our own - if you come up with something we've already considered, we'll let you know - but likewise if you come up with something ace we can take on board, we'll let you know!

We've been rolling the design for Dominion around for 27 years - and only now have we got the chance to make it the game we believe Spacers need to see, but that doesn't mean we have got it all right! That's where you come in - we'd rather get feedback now, before we begin work - rather than after it's been released!

So - here's your chance, have your say!

Boring stuff - board rules...

  1. Common sense please :)
  2. No hate wars. If you disagree with someone, by all means agree to disagree - but then let it lie.
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