The Old God has left the world and the pretenders are awakening and coming out from hiding. You start the game by designing one of the pretender gods that will compete for true ascension to godhood. The type of god can range from a magically powerful arch mage to an ancient kraken or a mystic monolith that people pray to. Your pretender controls one of over sixty different nations and with the help of that nation he will spread his word and battle the other pretenders. Dominions 3 is a turn based strategy game. You can play single- or multiplayer (1 - 23 players) with simultaneous turns. There are more than 1500 different units, 600 spells and 300 magic items in the game. The game also features a medieval musical score by Erik Ask Uppmark and Anna Rynefors, both awarded the title of Musicians of the Realm by the Swedish Zornmärkeskommiten. Dominions 3 is a highly detailed game and a 300 page pdf manual is included in the download.

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how to describe how much I like it hmm I can only think of this situation I was in when I once played the game.

I those the Merfolk ( Tritons I think they are called ) I was hunting for a new province and walk my troops from there watery path and up on land where the battle began. it was a horrible battle merfolk against lepardpeople and just as I celebrated my victory the neutale undead walk into the water and attack my capital.
my only troop in the city was my pretender against 30 or so longdead because of her High dominion she had additionel support and some seadogs for company. the battle to a long time as not much of her magic seemed to work ( knew I should had kept a priest with her) and when only on enemy left he killed her and I lost the game.

though I lost the game it was still so much fun to see that the AI Neutrals can be this smart.. I do love this game Series for every thing in it and the reason I plan to get them all when I have the money for it :)

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It's awesome!

Hundreds of different units. Dozens of Nations to play.
A mind boggling amount of spells to cast.
Equip your summoned Angels, Deamons or other monsters with different items you have forged.
Sacrifice slaves to perform the most vile of magics: Blood magic.
Etc. etc.....

And all these options do not even include the hundreds of mods that have been made by the community.

If you like GRAND strategy games you should definitely check this out.


Dec 11 2012 by GFSnl