Divided Unity: Shadows Reach is an Action Role-Playing, First Person shooter (AKA Role-Playing Shooter) set in a unique Dieselpunk themed world rich with history and diverse cultures. You play as the child of a mech builder (known as Remote Platforms), who reluctantly agrees to join the military branch of the government in an attempt to restore the last fragments of a shattered Unity. How you choose to do so will have lasting repercussions on the nation and its people.

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This update we want to introduce a new member and showcase Concept work galore from our team!

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Hay everyone! Well it's been a while... and as promised I have some amazing updates to share! I'm just giddy with excitement.

First off I want to introduce our newest member Babaganoosh99. He is the 3rd and final member rounding out our concept department. He will be focusing on environment concepts and landscapes. It's only fitting that he starts the ball rolling!


This is the first piece from him, showcasing the art deco feel of our cities. In our world we really want to play off of two extremes, the smooth and edgy look of art deco for our civilians and the cold and mechanical feel for our military. What better to showcase our military then Killuh's artfully crafted KV04 Remote Infantry Platform


Here you can see in our concept the quadruped leg system gives the platform the stability required when in rough terrain while the wheels allow fast movement in the urban arena. The hard points on the platform will allow the player customization of the weapon systems. Two unique shoulder mounted weapons (the top two hard points) and a third weapon built into the arms (the lower hard points) will give the player three main weapons to use during battle. An array of other secondary weapons/abilities will also be available down the line.

As a sneak peak I also want to give you a first look at the KV05 Remote Artillery Platform!


Wish I could tell you more but sorry, it's been classified need to know basis only (There watching me!)

Finally, I want to move the spotlight to our other concept artist Amberkeegan. She has been hard at work churning out concept after concept for the people of Nomolas. In this update I want to showcase her work on the Amark people! First, however, a little background information is in order written by our beloved Lore Master Sage.

The Amark are the guardians of the northern passes of the Hilias Mountains. They safeguard the country from threats abroad both wildlife and foreign powers. They are the masters of defensive fortifications and camouflage. Many Amark cities and towns are underground with little surface structures that are visible to others. In this snowy harsh environment the Amark have adapted themselves to both the cold and their underground living.

When outside, the Amark use specially crafted snow suites with built in heating pads to keep themselves from freezing. They also employ specialized eye devices that allow them to filter levels of light their eyes receive. This allows them to quickly adapt to lighting conditions both above and below the ground.

Amark_2 Amark_1

Well that's about all the updates I can share this week. Our talented team is working their butts off coming up with some truly inspiring work, which we will continue to share here, and on our newly created Facebook page! Please like us on Facebook and track our game here on IndieDB.

As always if you are interested in joining our wonderful team please head over to our jobs page to see what we currently are in need of, or send us an e-mail at 2oldmenstudios@gmail.com

Thanks for your support and please feel free to leave us comments and tell us how we are doing! We really do crave fan feedback.


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