Main idea:
You have specific amount of moves. Each color area will reduce moves by one.

Using line or bomb won't cost a move. If you find yourself from tight situation, you can tactic with lines, to create at least 2 matching colors.
Minimum color area is 2, but that will not give you line. You need to destroy 4 cells to get first type of line.
Lines will get better with greater area.

After 7 cell area, you will get bomb. Bomb is excellent tool when destroying the whole area at once.

Feel free to tell to us how human body does NOT look like!

Game can be found here:

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Disease trailer - Indie DB

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What's new:

  • You can now buy rolling ticket to roll new items
  • Furious mode
  • Online leaderboard
  • Color reduction, making the game size go from 90Mb to 45Mb
  • Possible bug fixes, can't remember all of them

Furious mode:
You have ten seconds at the beginning. By destroying cell areas, you get more time. Bigger cell areas produce more time.
There is a bar, that fills up with rage. When it's full, all the energy are released. Computer will help you destroy cell areas.
Over 12 cell areas, or every 20 seconds, an chest will be spawned. By collecting the chest, you get nice little bonus when game ends.
After the game, you can submit your score to leaderboard. All the diseases will be shown!

Online leaderboard:

  • Top 10 are showing on the main page
  • By sliding to the left, you can see all the diseases

Disease promo video - Indie DB

Project Disease started

Project Disease started


New beta project, called Disease started on Google Play!

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