Dimiria: The Agrarian Falls is a single player, 3D action packed role played game. In this dark, heroic fantasy, you enter the land of Andhere Terrae and charge onto the front lines against the impending Hiristian invasion. Choose your warrior's style and skills. Are you a Fighter; strong and fearless combatant? Or are you a Mage; intelligent and cunning with incredible tactical potential? Or perhaps a Rogue; quick and stealthy, focusing on a single target to dismantle it with deadly efficiency and utmost precision. Whichever hero you choose, each promises uniqueness in its play style and skill sets. The epic tale of Dimiria is told through smooth, exciting, well-defined missions divided within ten deep, engaging chapters - 60 important missions in all. The story will take the heroes through teeming jungles, scorching deserts, winding canyons and treacherous mountains - each uniquely beautiful and carefully crafted.

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Title: Dimiria - The Agrarian Falls
Project Progress: Beta Stage
Release Date: TBA 2013
Platforms: PC Windows/Mac
Genre: Action RPG
Label: Softnetix Entertainment
Game URL: www.dimiria.com

Dimiria: The Agrarian Falls is a single player, action packed role played game. The game itself is a dark fantasy set in the world of Dimiria, a unique land with adventure and danger hidden behind every corner. Rampant with magic and incredible creatures, "Dimiria: The Agrarian Falls" is a story about the rise of a group of heroes who, together, set out to save the kingdom in the face of dangers.

Players can choose between one of three classes to play, either as the Fighter, Mage or Rogue. Each of these heroes has their own set of specialties and abilities, leading to unique gameplay for each. The playable heroes also have their own beginning stories. A total of eight companions are met through the course of the game. After first meeting these characters, they are available as companions during all subsequent quests, fighting against enemies with you and lending their advice. These companions are each of a different class, making for a wide range of tactical possibilities.

Explore the widely varied terrain of Dimiria, rugged mountains, scorching deserts and hazardous jungles. Embark on an epic quest to save Dimiria from the havoc and destruction that besets the kingdom of Andhere Terrae with a group of loyal friends fend off the invasion of the Hiristian army.

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