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Sequel of the game Digmaan. Digmaan: The Aftermath will offer a great gameplay, great graphics and challenging levels. Much better than the first Digmaan, much intense and with great storyline. After months of war between the Earth and Jupiter, the Aliens decided to left Earth because it can no longer fight the growing force of the resistance, and with their force were slowly being beaten and their main base has been terminated by the resistance, they are now incapable of sustaining their military defense and invasion plans. We thought that their defeat will bring peace and harmony in our planet. But we are wrong, while we celebrate for the victory of winning the war, there is something happening somewhere in Earth that is so obscure, no one knows anything and something about it except from the Aliens. Before living the Earth, the Aliens left something for us, that is beyond our understanding and beyond the fear that they bought to Earth the first time they came.

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Orlov says

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I am a new member in this website, because of this game.... I admit, this game have captured my attention and I really like the way this game's play, story, and the unkillable monsters.. yeah! That monsters rocks! And because of that, This is your score!

This game is really good, I will not post any long review, just a simple word "great" can describe the game. Worth buying....


Ok, here is my review for the game, actually at first, I thought I wasted my money buying this game, however the moment I played the game. I became satisfied. So here is my review score or whatever you call it.

Graphics Quality = Average

For an Indie game, the graphics of this game is quite good, well at least for me it is good. I do not know the criteria for judging the graphics of the game, but as an Indie and in my own opinion, it's doing fine.

Sound = Ok

An ok for me, since When I started playing the first compare to this one, the sound effects of this part 2 of the installment is good. It already have voices and most of all the virtual assistant which really do a big help.

Difficulty = Way tooooo difficult

Try it yourself! I thought in the first levels of the game, this is very easy and I even feel bored, however when I go further, it became more and more difficult than I expected and even an impossible to finish. I am not saying that you can't but, for me, it's freaking hard!!!

Story = Good

A unique story, don't wanna spoil so I will skip with this.

Unkillable monsters = Cool addition

This is very cool and one of the most great feature of this game, this added a good game play and a really superb tension.

All in all = 10 rating from me...

I recommend this game.. It's worth it!

This game is OK, that is why, I score it 9, well for me, the only downside of this game was the first levels, since it was a bit boring, however the middle part is good and it is where I am right now, and currently can't move to the next level still because this game is freaking hard! With all the tension and the unique game play that this game offers, it makes the gaming experience more fun.

Worth the money for me also, and I am stuck on the level where the unkillable monster is, I don't know where to find the things listed in the objectives and the monster is freaking strong and fast... It always kills me.. Well still wondering how to move to next level, and for those who wanna try.... I challenge you beat the level within on hour only. I bet you cant!

Just bought a copy and the game arrived faster than expected...

Things that I would like to say for this game are:

At first I thought it was kinda boring... However, eventually when you begin to move forward, it gets a little excited every time I move to the next level. This game is really hard dude... Especially the unkillable monsters... It really adds tension as describded in the game. This game rocks!

I recommend you to buy it!

This worth the money, well, at least for me, but it's worth the try...


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