What if you saw the world with your ears? Devil's Tuning Fork is a first-person exploration/puzzle game in which the player must navigate an unknown world using visual sound waves. Inspired by M.C. Escher’s classic optical illusion and the echolocation of dolphins, The Devil’s Tuning Fork allows the player to explore a new mode of perception through sound visualization. As a mysterious epidemic causes children everywhere to fall into comas, one child wakes up in an alternate reality. It is up to this child, the player, to determine the cause of the epidemic and save the other children trapped here. By way of the devil's tuning fork, a magical instrument that allows the player to perceive sound waves, the player must find all the children and successfully escape this alternate reality, thereby waking up from the coma.

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I went searching for scary indie games, when I came across this game. There weren't any complaints about it & a lot of people wrote good things. This game was nowhere near scary or as good as they said.If you're looking for horror, just keep looking.


Very interesting concept for a game was well executed.


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