Adam Jensen was hand-picked to safeguard the secrets of America's top biotech firm. But when a black ops team breaks in and kills the scientists he was hired to protect, using a security plan he developed, he is thrust into a conspiracy shrouding mankind's future evolution.

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First off, the artistic direction of this game, and the world design. While I agree that it looks interesting and cool, it's inconsistent with the original Deus Ex game, which was far more grounded and resembled modern times. Here, everything looks more like from a game that would be set 200 years in the future, not merely 10-or-so. The art direction not only made the game inconsistent with the world of Deus Ex 1, but also, ironically, it made the game much more outdated in this regard as well. Because I am not, and never was, convinced, that we'll have a city built on top of another city by 2027, like Hengsha in this game. One of the reasons why Deus Ex was such a classic is because of how it's vision of the future still holds true making it feel timeless. This is not the case with Human Revolution.
And speaking of the world, I really am not a fan of the whole "natural" vs augmented people thingy. I, again, don't believe that in a decade the world as we know it will be in such a situation where people who are pretty much this game's equivalent of physically handicapped people will be treated like second-class citizens, or just trash. I also find the way in which the anti-aug people are depicted pretty dumb. As per usual with generic and edgy cyberpunk stories like this one, the people who resent the new and groundbreaking technologies are mostly shown to be religious people, or flat out fanatics, making the whole story black-and-white in appearance.
The game really likes hammering down on some pretentious symbolism and narration by Jensen, making the whole thing come out as, again, just another generic, edgy piece of sci-fi.
And the story itself, while following the standard Deus Ex pattern of locations (US city, some facility, an exotic/asian city, return, european city, etc.) makes absolutely zero sense, that is unless you play the Missing Link DLS, apparently, which I did not play.
Also at one moment, a cutscene made a point of Adam exchanging supposedly meaningful stares with who, as I learned later, was young Tracer Tong, which made no sense for me, because in my playthrough I never met Tracer Tong prior, or after that cutscene. But all in all the most insulting part of the story was how it builds up to, no joke, a zombie apocalypse scenario, where every augmented person on Earth except for Adam, turns into a braindead monster.
And speaking of braindead, this pretty much makes the stealth in the endgame impossible, as the 'zombies' will notice you immediately and just rush to melee you. Fan-*******-tastic.
All in all, though, the stealth is fun, Adam Jensen has some nice tricks up his sleeve, like he can jump from cover to cover, or just vault over it, he sees enemies on his minimap (which now exists), and has a set of lethal and non lethal melee attacks, and overall level design and enemy patrol routes make for some neat puzzle-like segments, where you have to figure out in what order to take out enemies not to be detected. There's one little thing that ****** me off about stealth as well - enemy NPCs have a habbit of being programmed/scripted in their pathways to turn around and notice you, just as you are about to take them down. It seems like the creators tested how long it would take players to get from cover to enemie's back, and made some of the enemies turn around about at those moments, which makes it feel unfair a bit.
I also don't really like the idea of giving the player more XP for covert approach, as it defeats the idea of freedom in gameplay.
Oh and the bossfights, I'd almost forgot. I really hated how in this game, every now and then, after hours and hours of sneaking around, taking enemies silently, and calculating their every move for the most efficient result, the game launches a cutscene in which Jensen just strolls into a big obvious room like he owns the place, and just lets himself get noticed, and usually taken by surprise, by the bosses. It happens FOUR times throughout the game, and you are always forced to kill the opponent too. Remember how in the first game there was literally just ONE character that you had to kill no matter what?
That was Deus Ex. This is not.

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I... can't... stop... PLAYING... IT.... JESUS! I've spent 18 hours within 24 hours PLAYING THIS DAMN THING! I've never been this addicted to a single game before, it's just too good to fucking leave or take a break from. The atmosphere, story, voice acting, graphics (minus some crappy facial animations at times, like some woman sounding as if she's really sad but her face looking like she's fucking happy), soundtrack, gameplay are ALL FUCKING BRILLIANT! This is much better than the first game IMO…

Aug 27 2011 by Benjin