Adam Jensen was hand-picked to safeguard the secrets of America's top biotech firm. But when a black ops team breaks in and kills the scientists he was hired to protect, using a security plan he developed, he is thrust into a conspiracy shrouding mankind's future evolution.

Nikolai_Svyslotskiy says

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7.5 more likely. I looked forward a lot to play it, but in the end it hasn't met my expectations much. I liked the weapons most of all, especially almost Deckard's pistol. Also stealth elements and absence of annoying moments and that it's easy to dive into it's atmosphere and gameplay. Still comparing it to Deus Ex 2 I say it's not better, even graphics which is very good in DE2 with texture overhaul installed I like a bit more. As for me DE3 failed to evolve properly comparing to DE2.

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I... can't... stop... PLAYING... IT.... JESUS! I've spent 18 hours within 24 hours PLAYING THIS DAMN THING! I've never been this addicted to a single game before, it's just too good to fucking leave or take a break from. The atmosphere, story, voice acting, graphics (minus some crappy facial animations at times, like some woman sounding as if she's really sad but her face looking like she's fucking happy), soundtrack, gameplay are ALL FUCKING BRILLIANT! This is much better than the first game IMO…

Aug 27 2011 by Benjin