Adam Jensen was hand-picked to safeguard the secrets of America's top biotech firm. But when a black ops team breaks in and kills the scientists he was hired to protect, using a security plan he developed, he is thrust into a conspiracy shrouding mankind's future evolution.

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Even though we've seen somekind of distortion with the first and second DX:HR, is the best of the trilogy (Some 1st episode's fan will hate me for this but I don't care and I STILL love the first), the hacking system is great and even got back to the System Shock 2's Hacking Systen (Let's reminds that SS2 is the true root of DX), now we can do a REAL experience of infiltrarion with the third person view. And now everything can bring EXP points, they didn't brought back the skill system but on the contrary they improved the augs system really far from what I could imagine first. The map system was a great idea. The only few little flaws was for me the A.I., the bosses fights wasn't a bad idea but not ideal for a DX game and the dialogues (well the social system is good but the conversations on the first time surprised me a little) but over that the awesomeness makes me forget the little flaws of the game. Deus Ex : Human Revolution got the official Liquidus Wolf's Stamp of Awesomeness!

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I... can't... stop... PLAYING... IT.... JESUS! I've spent 18 hours within 24 hours PLAYING THIS DAMN THING! I've never been this addicted to a single game before, it's just too good to fucking leave or take a break from. The atmosphere, story, voice acting, graphics (minus some crappy facial animations at times, like some woman sounding as if she's really sad but her face looking like she's fucking happy), soundtrack, gameplay are ALL FUCKING BRILLIANT! This is much better than the first game IMO…

Aug 27 2011 by Benjin