Descension is an action/adventure game with an emphasis on puzzles and story but without forgetting the action. As the only person capable of stopping a planet wide catastrophe, you will explore the darker side of humanity as well as make difficult choices with unknown consequences. With a mystery to unravel, a new world to discover and understand, and possibly all life at stake it will take wit and intelligence, strength and power, stealth and cunning, or some of it all to make it through alive.

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Story behind Descension. What does it take to ruin what started as a trip of debauchery, wine, and women? How about falling out of the sky at over 700 mph sitting on a bomb that will wipe out an entire city?

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Descension strives to be a game about story more than any other single element. Story pulls all the disparate pieces together and creates something more than your typical video game fps.

What is the story of Descension?

Without giving away too many of the surprises in store, The game is about making choices in difficult situations, as well exploring such themes as what it means to be human, and what it means to be alive.

During what started as a relatively uneventful trip, Traeven, a spoiled son of a rich Shaidaran Priest, becomes thrust in the center of a conflict that threatens to destroy his world. The Volatere, a ship of massive scope and size, has been boarded and its course set to target and destroy the very center of their Empires civilization, The Towers of Creation and the city of Shaidar. Anyone left on board will be killed during the impact crash, and the shockwave resulting from the disruption of the power core should flatten the entire city, killing nearly a billion people. During the hijacking, Traeven a valuable prisoner, is singled out by the Mahulist rebels, and taken towards an uncertain future presumably to be taken to the Mahulist rebels' ship and then used as ransom to fund their further operations in this ongoing struggle. All other passengers make good their escape using the Volatere's evacuation facilities, including his father. Just before reaching the docking facilities in the lower Areas of the Volatere, Traeven receives aid from an unlikely source he may later wish would have left him in the hands of the Mahule...

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