You are Deputy Dangle and today you're getting deputized. Everything is going great until the elusive criminal, known only as GMA, decides to crash the party. Within minutes of becoming a deputy you're now hot on the trail of Dangleton's most infamous criminal. Use your powers of climbing, flopping, grappling, and flailing along with your partner Chongo to catch GMA and save the day.

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Nahp0311 says

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Its not the best game in the world, but it was a good time sink for a day that you just want to do something new. I got a few laughs and got it out of my system. It might not be a game that you will keep returning to, but for the price its a good one time unique experience.


SenBosa says

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A solid game with active devs! Do you like fun? If yes, buy this game. Don't even question buying this game! Try it out for yourself!


SpaGhett1 says

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