Dehrgada: The Ambrosia Prohibition is a top down, click-to-move RPG with a heavy focus on character progression and storytelling. Based in a unique IP, Dehrgada follows the story of an adventurer seeking answers to a checkered history. The world is in turmoil, with five tribes vying for control of what little land remains after a catastrophic and largely unknown event has covered most of the surface with a black, corrosive mist. Taking place shortly after land was discovered on one of the major continents, the tale unfolds as the player encounters a society in evolutionary overdrive; a steam-based infrastructure that is being turned inside out by a new, seemingly endless energy source known as ambrosia. With an extensive skill system (Attack, Defense, Utility, and Trade) and vast amount of content to explore, Dehrgada will be a recreation of the immersive environments first set for by games such as Arcanum and Fallout 2. Currently under development for the Mac and PC platforms.

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Testing Dehrgada


Over the last week, we've received numerous requests to test Dehrgada in it's pre-core form. Due to the excellent response (from both Reddit and we'll be moving forward with the testing at the end of next week. We're collecting the names of those interested and will shoot you all an e-mail with the download links once they are available.

This next week for us will be polishing off the introductory Disciplines and Abilities, as well as touching up the AI and making sure the foundational aspects are working. The anticipated length of the prologue demo will be about an hour of exploring/questing. The prologue ending quests will not be in for the initial pre-core demo, but we anticipate we'll get some connecting material in shortly.

If you're interested in testing, please shoot us an e-mail (via the Demo tab on and we will contact you back when the demo is ready. We'll include a (lengthy) list of known bugs/features-under-construction on the download page of the demo when ready.

Thanks again!

Lead Designer/Prototype Coder

Dehrgada - An Introduction

Dehrgada - An Introduction

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Dehrgada is a RPG in development currently for the Mac and PC platform via the Unity engine. Before we begin, let's go over the feature set that we will...

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