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Defend The Night aims to blend classic MMORPG elements with many exciting new options for player progression, including both PvE and PvP experiences. Free from the annoyances of pay-to-win mechanics, power must be earned through valor and combat in this dangerous world.

"Defend the Night" takes place in a world ravaged by Dragons, corrupted by dark mysterious forces; all the while plagued, tormented and blessed by powerful gods. Alliances of gods created races the Human, Elf, Half-Orc and Rel’goth and are poised to slow the advances of prevailing dark magic. Build your civilization to form a new world on the continent of Mortalha. Fend off advancing resistance by its inhabitants or dark forces that threaten every aspect of Certovia at present in this up and coming MMORPG by Ninja Loot Games. "Defend the Night" is a dark fantasy MMORPG with a challenging, return to classic, gameplay that will keep you on the edge of your seat. In the dangerous world of Certovia, power demands to be earned—not bought. As a result, skill and knowledge will be key to surpassing your opposition.

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Quarter 4 Newsletter

Quarter 4 Newsletter


Quarter 4 Progress in Alpha Development of Defend the Night!

Cleric Think Tank!

Cleric Think Tank!


Defend the Night will be hosting a live discussion on a singular topic this December 5th at 8pm-9pm EST.


Will this game have proper character undressed to actual naked instead of censored behind undergarments (as in option)
Like how Conan exiles ,Rust and Mortal Online has please

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Scribbles_DTN Creator

Thanks for the question ! You will start with tattered undergarments. No nudes.

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