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Heres some info on how to customize controls and how to slow down the timer for your missions/end game.

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Obviously it’s annoying when a game does not have a key customization option to map the keys different from default. Unfortunately Dead Rising 2 is also one of those games that don’t feature any option to customize keys.

But this does not mean that you can’t customize them at all. You can edit them by editing a text file which contains info about the key mapping.

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One of the biggest criticisms of this game is the time limit. While a fair critique, it's also kinda the point of the game, and the designers have good reasons to do so. By limiting the player action you are left always "wanting more", never able to do everything, which colors your impression of the game ("There must be soo much to do in this game!"). It's like when you are a kid and go to an amusement park, the potential seems limitless, you never have enough time. Then later once your older and can do whatever you want, you realize that it was mostly an illusion. If given infinite free roam time, I'd imagine many people would quickly get bored.

That being said, with the current rate of the timer, you really get the feeling that you are rushed. You essentially end up having to chose between two different focuses in the game "Mess around/have fun/ level up and complete side missions" or "Tightly focus on the main story missions, with minimal distractions". Ie. if you want to finish the story, you really don't have a lot of time to screw around/actually enjoy all the cool things about Dead Rising 2 (eg. hunt for cool combo weapons). The general response is that you are supposed to do multiple play throughs, go through the game having fun first, and then once you have had your fill exploring/having fun/leveling up, do the main story because you will now be strong enough and able to devote the attention to it.

Personally, that's just not my style. I tried it for 4hrs or so, in the hope that would be enough, but when I started the main mission, I quickly got to the point where I was having to make too many tradeoffs, and it felt like I was missing out on too much of the game.

So my solution is simply to slow down the timer. Hopefully getting the best of both worlds. You can have one playthrough, and have enough time to explore a bit, adventure, level and goof off, without having to sacrifice completing missions. But the game isn't put on pause so you can kill zombies until you get bored. You still have deadlines, you just have a little bit longer to complete them. Using another trainer to simply pause the timer, gives too much control to the player, you might forget to turn it off, and always have to be worrying about toggling it for the story. I like to just set the time scale, then forget it, playing the game mostly as it was intended.

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Finally theres the matter of weapon degradation. Some people prefer realism while others prefer simply convenience and exclusivity. If you use a weapon too much it will lose its charm so therefore degradation is there to make sure you stop using it... convenience is that there is always a new weapon to pick up nearby (the game is chock full). However there are so many zombies (that also respawn) and some weapons are quire rare so this may aggravate some players because it took so long to get it only to lose it after ~100 kills or so.

Personally I prefer realism with my weapon degradation, some weapons are gimmicky and therefore don't warrant repeated use, but others I think should float towards practical use (a weapon store for instance is practical in a zombie apocalypse compared to a art gallery or jewelry store).
I mean in a zombie apocalypse there is limited ammunition, therefore durable melee weapons will become the efficient way of killing zombies throughout the day.

1. Go into your Dead Rising 2 game folder and locate the .big you want to modify.
in this case its the datafile.big that you want.
2. Drag + Hold Ctrl and place the file into Gibbed Tools folder which can be placed anywhere that's not protected by UAC. I personally have the folder on my desktop.
3. Drag the .big inside Gibbed Tools folder onto unpack.exe
4. Rename the .big file to contain a name other than the original name just so you can keep a backup... or you can simply keep one elsewhere.
5. Remove the _big extension from the folder that was created and make your modifications in the files found in the folder.
All you have to do is edit the items.txt file, changing the durability setting to 99999 for all of your favorite weapons.
6. Save everything you did and drag the folder named after the .big file into pack.
7. Drag the newly created .big file into the default location inside the DR2 folder, hit yes on the dialog window that popup and replace the original with your modded one.
8. Play your game with your modifications!

Read more: Deadrising2mods.proboards.com

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