DDay Normandy is a fun, addictive online multiplayer and offline singleplayer botmatch 3dshooter game. Axis vs Allied Currently there are 7 different teams you can play as, each with different weapons, skins and maps: USA, Germany, Great Britain, Russia, Poland, Japan, and Italy, and there are lots of maps for each team.

gappy928 says

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It's a game with great potential, but it has very many flaws. The controls are very awkward for example; I was in the top floor of a building getting in a position for sniping, I went to press the ctrl button to crouch and ended up firing my gun. Also other time I ended throwing my gun away, or accidentaly switching teams. These could be seen as a noobie mistake, but the UI is also very confusing. Sometimes it will have to use the up and down arrows and others will have you use th [ ] keys to select things.
Once the game is launched it sticks you right into a singleplayer match, with really no explanation on anything. It could have been a great game but the mistakes it had really ruined the gameplay.

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Old games, old graphics. One of the main reasons that most games go down at a certain point, same goes for D-Day Normandy. It was the first decent full 3D game based on WWII, so the graphics are comparable to 1996 3D games, obviously because the engine barely changed since then. The audio is quite decent, nothing much to complain here. As the game is mainly played online, there‚Äôs a certain need of players being online at any moment of the day. Since the community is as old as 11 years by now…

Jan 30 2011 by JoeyBelgier