Dawning is a surreal platformer about a stroll through the forest. Originally intended for the October Challenge of 2012, no final release was made, and Dawning was expanded upon in the following months.

lfulvipes says

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Not bad, but a little lacking. I really enjoy this type of graphical style, and it made it pretty intuitive as far as what you can / can not interact with.

I think the only real issue is the lack of goal; other than the desire to see it through there's no compelling reason to want to continue. This sort of made going back and forth feel like a bit of a chore. Not that the lack of narrative is an issue - I think it works very well here, leaving a lot open to the imagination.

Perhaps it would help if the slenderman thing were actually pursuing you as opposed to popping in randomly. While it did give a startle, I felt like I would be completely safe as long as I paid attention as I moved.

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