Command any of the six unique factions in the next stand alone expansion of the critically acclaimed Dawn of War franchise. Build a massive army or lead your small squad of elite heroes into battle and experience a single player campaign customized to your faction. Go online and face off against your enemies and experience the fast brutal combat of the 41st millennium.

Jack_Jack says

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Does not work, perhaps only original game by steam, I do not steam and will not spend 50real to test this mod, please launch version for everyone to play, much will have more players, see example FA community forever, Edain Mod, Command Conquer General among others ....

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The game is really good, but there are some balance issues and a lot of bugs which still hasn't been fixed, and since they stopped the updates with still a lot of unfinished big fixing I'm gonna give it a 7.

Oct 6 2012 by The_Mastodon