Dary's Legend is a graphical hand-drawn, roguelike dungeon crawler game. Help Dary as he embarks on a journey full of perils, monsters, traps and treasures. The game is in alpha so expect frequent updates as we build the dungeon towards the final build. System Reqs:OS: Windows XP SP3 or higher / Mac OSX 10.6+ | CPU: 1.4GHz or faster | Ram: 512MB (1GB recommended) | Graphic Card: OpenGL 2.0 compatible with 128MB Ram | Monitor 1024x768 or higher (1280x720 or higher recommended)

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Nicely done and regularly updated.



Im giving it a 10 becasue the only problems ive had are mostly lacking content and levels being slow and unrewarding. The graphics are cute and fun its mostly balanced( Dungeons of dremor was less balanced but gained alot for each quick lvl so maybe im being spolied) with the weak and long levels it kinda puts less empathize of grinding the levels which for some people this is a plus but for me i enjoy a good grind in my dungeon crawlers. I intent to not rant about that because its alpha but i did anyways T_T. Other then that its a nice Tbs dungeon clawer that really wins visualy among all else, It is fun and can only get better as more content arrives. ( I REALLY REALLY CANT WAIT FOR MORE CLASSES!!!)

Thanks for create this game,this type of game, every day the media the publisher write new stories and complex gdr like dark souls,skyrim,mass effect and thousand type of gdr,but roguelike are the true essence of this game,complex,infinite,retro
This game is only in alpha,please people dont attack for this,for suggestions for improvement write all in the ufficial forum, this is my first day with this game and i see the problem and things to improve like movement speed,collision and other type of things,but this is alpha and this is a indie publisher!! i write my opinion on the forum and i think all you can do for improve this game :) finally,sorry for my terrible english but i'm italian and i learning english because i want to go away from the TERRIBLE italy :)


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