Darkness Inside The Light is a game about Horror, survival, and escape. You play as a man, known as experiment #1642, Who wakes up in a containment cell unaware of Who he is, where he is, and why he's there. As you play the game, you will encounter Horrific Experiments and creations. Along with these experiments, you'll find documents that help explain what these things are, who you are, and why you're there. Now, to be clear, this isn't a cheesy Jump scare game. There ARE jumpscares though. However, How scary they really are depends on the player. ´╗┐As I continue making this game, I will release Demo builds whenever I make improvements I Consider to be major. Note that the Storyline is NOT IMPLEMENTED, and will be in the next big update. BIG NOTE: IF YOU DOWNLOAD THE GAME AND DO NOT READ THE "README": YOU MUST PRESS CTRL TO OPEN THE DOORS, NOT ENTER. If more people want this done, I will. This started as just a hobby but now I'm motivated and if you want it, you got it.

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Just more news about the game's progression. We're planning cutscenes, and variation in new ways as well.

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Hey all! Today paroxtus and I managed to shorten the hallway length and add several rooms, so that the level looks better and isn't as spread out as it was originally.
The level design will be almost identical to how it was in FPSC.
A few changes here and there, and I'll be making level 1 more orderly, but other than that, the main level design remains the same.
Graphics will of course be better and rooms will still vary with what's in them.
Of course there will be different monsters now, due to a different engine and the will to create our own creatures of sorts. We'll see what we can do, but for now, the variation and monsters are just thoughts.
There has been talk about adding cutscenes here and there too.
If we can get a cutscene done in a decent amount of time, we may create several, but for now we're simply brainstorming cutscene ideas.
This is what's been happening today so far, guys, and we'll keep you posted.
And as usual,
Stay classy, folks.

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