Explore the secluded region of Ashan, where fearless orcs, wild goblins, dreadful undead, elusive trolls, gigantic dragons and many other creatures stunning in both size and depravity. This is a new and darker side of the legendary universe of Might and Magic, where the forces of evil are stronger and more cunning than ever.

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It's all right, but I feel like the story could have been better. Character motivations are unclear, two female "love interests" are annoying on a lot of occasions and lazily written (especially Liana), the supposed plot twist is the most obvious and predictable thing ever, and the whole story jumps to the conclusion pretty much right after it gets interesting, so that it feels like the game should have atleast 5 more hours of content that is missing for some reason. I guess the story would be more coherent to me if I knew the M&M lore or something.
Otherwise, the gameplay is fun enough, but I only wish you could swing your weapon with one hand and cast spells with the other at the same time. And it could use more variety of enemies.
One high praise I can think of is that it makes a much, much better use of physics in combat compared to Half-Life 2.
It's a fine game, but I expected it to be longer.

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This game is amazing, but I HATE UBISOFT for not letting us mod the game, or at least let us play with the spells, imagine all we could do ! apart from that, i think this is an amazing Game, it would be perfect if it was like free roaming, and that you could go and take quests, but even so its still lovable. I hope to see another game like this, someday . . .

Jan 5 2011 by Mv.Antitribu