Cubotrox v0.1.2 (alpha demo) for PC


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Cubotrox® presents an innovative gameplay into puzzle videogames, similar to Tetris, but you can rotate the board and compose abstract and figurative forms. Moreover, it expects a real “old-school” challenge for the player, using a “retro-futuristic-neon” visual style and “synth-retro-wave” music, composed by Pablo Martín Atanes.

description low

The gameplay is as follows: there is a board with cell and a watermark picture on the background; colored cubes are falling from the 4 ortho directions; and the game’s goal is to match the background picture. So, to do this the player can catch & drop the falling cubes, rotate them, even rotate the full board. You can see this pre-alpha trailer in order to understand better the gameplay mechanic:

Pre-alpha trailer:

The game progression is based on the classic level chart. At each level, there are several disturbing elements against player: limited movement, limited time, falling down frequency of cubes… By this way, the difficulty grade is increased at each higher level. If the player reaches the target score for a level he wins “cubotroxes”, which can be exchanged by booster or in-game gifts

features low

  • Innovative gameplay mechanic
  • Highly addictive
  • Real old-school challenge
  • Retro-futuristic-neon visual style
  • Synth-retro-wave music
  • Hundreds of level (total number is not yet established)
  • Extra endless mode (find your personal limit)
  • Global world ranking for level mode and endless mode
  • Share your scores with your friend
  • Play on keyboard, mouse or even touch screen
  • Win “cubotroxes” and exchange them by boosters or gifts

release low

  • Platform: PC
  • Date: late 2016 (not yet established)
  • Price: not yet established
  • Steam Greenlight:

contact low

The Barberians Game Studio

Cubotrox® is registered trademark in Spain

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Released. Feel the Cubotrox


Cubotrox - Catch, drop and rotate cubes

to solve retro-futuristic neon puzzles

What’s exactly Cubotrox? Cubotrox is an addictive puzzle game that challenges you to complete pixel art images by managing falling neon-colored cubes. Catch, drop and rotate your way to victory in a game with retro-futuristic neon visuals and synth-retro-wave music that excels at being “easy to play, hard to master”.


  • +100 levels and endless mode (coming soon) - Cubotrox is a huge pixel art gallery with tons of puzzles comprised by pixel art images that must be completed.
  • Global World Rankings - Beating lots of levels isn’t the only challenge in Cubotrox. You might refine your Cubotrox skills and get a spot on the renowned global world rankings!
  • Retro-futuristic Neon visual style - The mix of pixel art and neon colored cubes creates some kick-ass 80s vibes.
  • Synth-retro-wave music - Cubotrox keep the 80s vibes coming by also killing it with awesome music tracks.
  • Innovative gameplay - Cubotrox presents seemingly simple mechanics that add up to really challenging puzzles in a new way. A true innovative experience that excels at being “easy to play, hard to master”.
  • Absolute Game Feel - to sum up: visuals, music and mechanics become a powerful combo that translates into a masterful and hypnotic game feel that makes Cubotrox truly addictive.

Crypt of the Necrodancer

Easy mechanics that add up to killer mind-breaking challenges

The game can be summed up in a real easy way: you have pixel art images that must be completed by managing some neon-colored cubes that are constantly appearing from all sides of the screen. You must manage these cubes to complete the image. Mechanics are rather simple: catch, drop and rotate the cubes and rotate all the screen. But as you progress you start to face increasing challenges related to the limited time, the management of the cubes, the frequency of the cubes’ fall, etc. But there’s no use on explaining this: go play the game. By minute 1 you will say “hehe, this is stupidly simple”; but by minute 20 you will be fully engaged and screaming “damn! I didn’t think of that! Let’s re-start this level AGAIN!”. Believe us: you will end admitting that Cubotrox is a masterclass on “easy to play, hard to master”.

A beautiful endless stream of pixel art

Cubotrox’ puzzles are comprised by pixel art images that must be completed through cube management. Don’t fool ourselves: there’s an ongoing pixel art craze and we’re not trying to fight against it. We love pixel art and Cubotrox is like an interactive pixel art gallery where every piece is turned into a puzzle to be solved. And it also is a HUGE pixel art gallery: +100 levels to be played and even an endless mode (coming soon) that dares you to find your skills’ limit. Get better at Cubotrox and rotate your way to the first positions in a global world ranking for both level and endless modes.

Let’s turn great indie games into awesome puzzles!

So we were building this kick-ass pixel art library when we realized the only way of making it really perfect was by adding some of our favorite beauties. We contacted pixel artists and gamedevs we admire to ask them for permission to add their creations to our games. It turns out to be that the indie community is freaking cool and most of them agreed almost instantly. So now we have proudly included levels based on games we love such as Nuclear Throne, Enter the Gungeon, Elliot Quest, They Bleed Pixels, Crypt of the Necrodancer, and many more!

Enter the Gungeon

August DevLog

August DevLog


August was specially marked for our presence in GamesCom, although we only attended the business day it was a very profitable experience. Cubotrox development...

Cubotrox July devlog

Cubotrox July devlog


July was a month where we focused on events, starting with the last day on Gamelab in Barcelona and continuing with Gamepolis in Malaga. Two events for...

Cubotrox fix patch v0.1.1 for tutorial improvement and other fixes

Cubotrox fix patch v0.1.1 for tutorial improvement and other fixes


A new fix patch v0.1.1 has been released for tutorial improvements and other fixes. We want new players to understand the game mechanic before quick-quit...

Cubotrox alpha demo is available now

Cubotrox alpha demo is available now


You can download a free access playable demo, without registering neither activation keys. It’s an alpha & demo (limited content) version, but fully...


La curiosidad del premio de mejor diseño por el gameboss, es que sale la cabeza del Gigante de hierro.

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TheBarberians Creator

Jajaja, sí, es verdad. Está gracioso

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TheBarberians Creator

I'd like to thanks first youtubers for talk about Cubotrox. They really help us to improve the game

Step ThaGamer >>
Rose Colored Let's Play! >>

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¡Me flipa mucho este juego! Es un vicio de la hostia.

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Ya te digo, llama la atención.

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Hola soy Ofihombre. Otro desarrollador español de la Comunidad Valenciana.
Resumiendo, Cubotrox: Un juego que combina el puzzle tradicional con el Tetris para colocar las piezas en las 4 direcciones y eliminar las piezas que sobra para evitar la acumulación (Suena innovador) y el fondo y fuente de letras, directamente al estilo del Tron clásico.

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TheBarberians Creator

Gracias por el comentario. Solemos ir al Meetup que hacen en Valencia el primer martes de cada mes. También estaremos en el Gamelab 2016. A ver si coincidimos e intercambiamos opiniones.

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