Cubic Climber is a simple game based on player`s reflexes and ability to move fingers on keyboard without releasing specified keys too soon or pressing the wrong ones. You play as a climber who is trying to climb a mountain using various holds. Every climbing hold is presented by two keys that you must press and hold until you get to another one. Some of the holds are time limited, if you don`t get them in time, you will fall. This game also includes: multiplayer(sort of), list of top 5 players in different categories,customization of your climber, system for improving qualification times and 5 unique levels. You can try to beat best times of other people and improve your rank by earning points. The final release will be totally free!

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IcyFire says

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pictures and videos seemed so nice, but its always the same keys, nothing you will play a second or a third time. hoped it would be like GIRP. but stupid key pressing is'nt enought.


Waste of time, does not even launch, opens a window then crashes.... 15 times in a row... deleted.


Linux version unplayable.


greatttt game guys

Best Game ever, Im new so i couldnt rate ten But its 99999999/10

looks really awesome


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