Fast paced, Action packed, original 3D Tower Defense mixed with RTS! Get ready for some crazy Cubemen action! It’s the age old struggle between Good vs Bad, Blue vs Red, Little men vs Little men. Use your own little Cubemen to defend your base from other little Cubemen that are trying to run it over. It’s the usual story, but with many very interesting twists. Play a purely defense game in various modes on a sweet selection of levels, or go into Skirmish mode and play a new type of TD game against either the computer or another human opponent. That’s right.. Two way REAL-TIME TD against the computer or a real person! There are no static towers, just little men! Spawn your little Cubemen with orders to get to a certain location to attack or defend. You can move your Cubemen around the board at any time or click on an enemy to target them. It’s TD like you’ve never seen or experienced before. Grab it now!

Hyeron says

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Instant classic, plain and simple.

It's your average tower defense at its core, but it does everything just as it should be: unit looks can be customized, both for you and the enemy, with different colours and additions. Heck, even the terrain may be customized. Maybe a full-fledged colour picker would be even better, but that's just me nitpicking.

You can get in the game within seconds. No fuss, no cumbersome additional stuff. Pick a game mode, a map, and off you go.

There's sufficient variety in units, and Cubemen has the immense advantage of fixing the main shortcoming from most TD games: maps.

Level editor, insane number of maps available. Plus multiplayer. Says it all, doesn't it. Furhtermore, base positions can be randomized, so you basically get several maps in one.

Units are also mobile, which isnt all that common and allows you to dodge incoming attacks, reorganize your defense or go fetch a bonus or another.

If what you're looking for is a TD map that will actually keep you occupied and not bother you with useless bulldung, Cubemen it is.

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Really good tower defence game. Starts off difficult but once you understand the mechanics, it gets really fun.

Feb 21 2012 by Smilax