hi, i am adam and come from slovakia:) sorry for my baaad english, but i still learning it. i working in blender game engine for 2 years. this is my last project. its be arcade/first person shooter game with many, many cubes;) the work is finish at 65%. i have game scripted almost completly, but i still must create some levels... and now... DOWNLOAD: ... THE .zip FILE CONTAINS TWO BONUSES - MY TWO INCOMPLETE/CANCELLED PROJECTS: -FLIGHT_SIM 0.1(W,S,A,D - YOU CAN TRY THE FREEFLIGHT) -SNAKE ("HAD" IN SLOVAK) CLASSIC OLD GAME REMAKE;) HAVE FUN ;))

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on1ondevelopment says

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I like this game a lot but its design is a bit too simple.


Lord_EdVard says

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This game is AMAZING!!!


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