The lord of insanity, Cthulhu, has lost his powers and the only way to regain them is by becoming a true hero! Join him on an epic quest of courage, romance, redemption, and insanity! From the makers of the popular RPG, Breath of Death VII: The Beginning. Features 7 playable characters, a 6-10 hour quest, multiple modes & difficulties, branching LV-Ups, an insanity system, over 20 songs, and more!

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This game is great fun, a jolly romp through Cthulu's quest to be frightfully evil once more. At around nine hours for the main quest, and fun unlockable modes that aren't DLC (thank goodness), I'd say that you get more bang for your buck than most other games out there. And the humor is quite funny to boot! Definitely worth your money.


Hayst says

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It took me about 10 hours to beat the game on normal. The 10 hours was fun for me.. and only 3 dollars!


if you have epic songs, you have an epic game

Funny, and fun. A nostalgic and parodic throwback to 16-bit JRPGs. =]

On the plus side, it's a really fun story. On the negative side, the gameplay is really one dimensional and the game itself is very linear. There is no exploration or character customization, and no replay value. But the game is cheap so you do get your money's worth out of it.


The humour is fresh, and the game plays the nostalgic 16-bit rpg tunes well, but the combat is tedious and uninspired. The sheer amount of boring random combat encounters takes way too much time, and gets in the way of enjoying the otherwise competent game.


Kefren says

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Fairly linear but fun, though too many battles sometimes.


Great retro-styled RPG with wry humor and an excellent chiptune soundtrack. It both pays homage to and utterly skewers the Cthulhu mythos and SNES-era JRPGs. Well worth the (small amount of) money given how many hours of gameplay it offers.


eppeb says

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Lovecraft forever...a very good game

Decent little game with few flaws.

+Looks lovely
+Writing is good
+Plays out like old Final Fantasies.

-Music gets old quick
-Random encounters have fixed amount of battles
*you end up standing in the beginning of the dungeons killing
the necessary amount of enemies before running to
the bossfight.

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