Take on the fight as the volatile Sergeant “Psycho” Sykes in a new parallel story taking place during the events of Crysis. Psycho’s secret mission will take him to the other side of the island on a ruthless pursuit of a North Korean general hell-bent on obtaining powerful technology. With the versatile powers of his Nanosuit and an arsenal of fully customizable weapons & vehicles at his disposal, Sykes will do whatever it takes to carry out his top-secret objective.

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As of now the standalone version of the popular Crysis singleplayer modification Wreckage is available for download.

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Wreckage - Jackson & Lambert

WRECKAGE - Standalone Version


While we are enjoying our cocktails and 3D palm leafs fan fresh air to us, there's just one thing we need: your feedback. Your opinion in every is like a rewarding massage for our bothered developer-souls. We love to read your feedback.
So we're traveling through the depths of the web every day and found some really nice things:

At first two detailled written reviews from the moddb members OrangeNero and Reborn:X. You could find the full ones in the review section.

OrangeNero wrote: Endgeil! Wow that was a hell of a campaign, to the WRECKAGE team I'd say Mission Accomplished! [...]
The gameplay is fluid, and really enjoyable. Theres also a lot happening on the field, unlike crisis where you are the action in WRECKAGE the game delivers you action all around the place. [...]

The Music is really nice to listen to, the voice acting while it does sound amateurish is very well done, lip sync and believable. It sounds like a mod and its good. The dialogue really stands out [...].

Now why did I not rate it a 10? The mod suffers from replay value, it is a campaign mod so I have to be generous towards its replay value. [...]
There are also still some minor problems, some visual errors and moments where there should be sound but there wasn't. Also the second helicrash was one big clusterfuck of errors[...].
WRECKAGE is definitely worth the time, suggest for everyone who enjoys Shooters. Wished it never ends.

uploaded a video review on Youtube. We understand nothing. But we still love it! :P

Reborn:X wrote: Simply magnificant.
Although Act I wasn't that unique and IMO, was a normal "kill-anyone" mission, Act II and III really showed WRECKAGE's gameplay. [...]

The best two things is this standalone game were the suprising element of realism between the relations of officers and Marines and the dialogues. The story itself was a bit confusing for me at the start but near the end I realized how selfish the main heroes purpose was. The fact that the two commanders are pretty much acting on their own and the Marine force is being besieged and overwhelmed by the KPA also added to the game's originality. Something that is sadly rare in today's games. It's sadly uncommon to see scenes of infighting and personal agenda between soldiers and even rarer to see scenes where the USA is losing a battle. [...]

The only "bad parts" of the game that I've noticed is the appearance of small collision and control bugs during both helicopter rides and the final Korean jeep ride. One game breaking error to me was near the end.[...]


secretimbecile wrote: The ending was a disappointment (...).

rellik_pt wrote: Didnt like the end :)

What do you think about the end? We're very interested in that because it's not an ordinary end. (Please use spoiler warnings in the comments)


Four different wallpapers in established resolutions.

WRECKAGE - Wallpaper


Wreckage Standalone Wreckage - Gameplay Act 3Wreckage - US Wreckage - 1.0

Wreckage offers an action-oriented presentation, professional execution, complete dubbing
and Crysis-level graphics. Developed by the four-man-team around Christopher Held, who
also already developed "The Harbour" and "Rainy Days".

It's the final chapter of the story, that began with the map "The Harbour" and was continued in the
modification "Rainy Days". It tells the story of three soldiers who try to survive a devastating war
between two worlds. The play time is somewhat longer than one hour.


  • Cinematic flair: Wreckage puts the player in the middle of thrilling rollercoaster ride with superior vehicle combats and roaring teamaction. Professional voice actors let you enjoy the whole mod with a german synchronisation and full english/spanish subtitles.
  • Great-Looking Visuals: Hand made environments in different scenarios, CryEngine technologies like accurate lip synch and facial animation promises a graphic beauty like you know it from the original game.
  • Bugless: A new chapter system ensures a minimum amount of game errors. In the unlikely event of a bug, this way every chapter can be restarted.
  • Playable without Crysis: Just download the standalone version.

Standalone Version - Playable without any installed game (1900 MB)
Mod Version - Requires Crysis-Wars with Patch 1.5 (280 MB)
Desura Version - Requires Crysis-Wars with Patch 1.5 (280 MB)


PC-ACTION wrote: "The final part of the thrilling trilogy is incredibly successful. - Excellent work!"

PC-GAMES wrote: "Masterpiece"

PC-GAMEPLAY wrote: "[...]intense action scenes where even Call of Duty can eat their heart out."

GAMESTAR wrote: "Damn good."


uhm... you made me blush.

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I'll let you guys know if I thought the ending sucked. Have no fear.

Despite that concern though, I am looking forward to this.

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Ein wirklich cooles und spannendes Spiel, da kann man vor euch nur den Hut ziehen.
Leider kann ich nicht fertig spielen, da jedes mal wenn ich mit dem Jeep zum Schiff fahre, bleibt die KI hängen. Dh ich steige aus, es fliegen diese blauen Aliens um mich rum, es erscheint ein Kopfloser Kollege der am Jeep festgepinnt ist und die übrigen Kollegen rühren sich nicht mehr. Das ist echt deprimierend ^^. Der offene Zaun lässt sich auch nicht durchschreiten. Dh wenn ich auf umwegen allein aufs Schiff schaffe verliere ich weil meine Kollegen nicht dabei sind ^^. Ich bitte um beistand ;)

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Chrjs Author

Open the "Profile.xml" with notepad from "Wreckage_CrysisWars_Standalone_1_0_0 \Game\Libs\UI\Chapters". Modify the numer to 12, save it and you could select every chapter ingame.
Wenn das Kapitelsystem im Hauptmenü>Einzelspieler schon alle Kapitel freigeschaltet hat, kannst du hier das letzte einzelnd laden und somit den Bug umgehen. Falls es noch nicht freigeschaltet wurde, öffne die Datei "Profile.xml" mit dem Texteditor von Windows und trage bei der Ziffer eine 12 ein. Die Datei findest du unter "Wreckage_CrysisWars_Standalone_1_0_0 \Game\Libs\UI\Chapters".

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Finished this, excellent mod, it is even better than the original Crysis campaign in ALL aspects.

Although,since you ask about the ending, the ending left me wanting more, mainly because his death was too rushed, I understand that you tried to make it realistic,but real life sucks.I would have personally preferred a boss fight with 3 giant walkers nd $#!t, and in the end when victorious the protagonist says to himself he does not want to live among chaos and mayhem that he would face even if humanity wins, and kills himself, after all the mumbo jumbo he survived.

Yet I liked that the ending was conclusive, and that I know exactly the future of the protagonist (unlike Crysis 1) and considering the amount of hard work you all did, it is all good.

If you want though, you could make an alternate ending DLC, if you want to be worshiped, lol.

But seriously this is godly enough, well deserving worship and human sacrifices.

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Chrjs Author

:) Finally he saved Jackson from being killed. But he has to pay for it with his life. Your opinion is very interesting.

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