The USSFC is losing hope and losing the war, but the poorly equipped Legion are losing soldiers fast. This is the desperate last struggle of two clashing armies... This is Crimson Crow.

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Gull City WIP (view original)

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Re-worked Gull City map.

Everything in this screen shot can and may be changed very soon, but we appreciate any comments on our progress so far.

This is the beginning area of Gull City, slightly farther in than our last screen shot. The road on the left curves around the buildings on continues onward to another large section of the city.
There is a small house like building to my right beyond the chain link fence. The interior is ruined, and a heavy bolted door stands between you and another unseen room.
The sound of gunfire looms in the distance, so obviously this abandoned city isn't entirely abandoned.

Sadly, this screen shot is still missing many detail props we plan to add in, but we thought we might get an update to show everyone we're still working. :)

Obviously updates in this picture are the new props, some buildings have changed, toned down the snow, and the sky's tint is now less 'purple' and more of a faded light blue.