Cowboy Climber is a puzzle/shooter type platformer. It is a western theme where you have to follow your way through puzzles and shoot american Indians that get in your way. This game was made in on a live stream within 24h but as there is some issues and more levels need ironing out, it is still not available for a short time. Follow me on twitter to find out when its released.

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Hello everyone, I must apologize for the lack of support this game has had since release, I had promised an update with more levels but I didn't go through with it after some trouble and loss of focus.
Today I had received an email saying that Cowboy Climber had a bug where on the first level the TNT that is needed to finish the level kept falling through the world and players couldn't proceed to the next level. When I read the email I was shocked because I had tested the game during the 48h development and It didn't have a problem but as it turns out it did, I am not sure how but I think that last minute editing resulted in a line of code crossing wires with another resulting in it being deleted so the spawning engine didn't work. As always when I receive an email of an issue with my games I went to work to try and fix it, and now it has been fixed and I am very sorry that It hasn't been noticed by now but the new version is now available to download.

I once again apologize and thanks for reading.

(Download can be found below)

Cowboy Climber

Cowboy Climber


What it is? Why it is? And more info on Cowboy Climber. Click here to read more.

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Cowboy Climber V1.1

Cowboy Climber V1.1

Full Version

The 1.1 version of cowboy climber. Fight American Indians and blow up your way through.

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