Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes is a game developed by Ritual Entertainment, which acts as an expansion pack to Counter-Strike: Condition Zero. It makes up a series of eighteen unconnected single-player missions, with blazing fast action and intense firefights. It includes new weapons and re-skinned and re-animated versions of Counter-Strike weapons.

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Muy buen juego!


cambreaKer says

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Counter-strike deleted scenes is a single player campaign for the goldsource engine. it's basically the new call of duty campaigns in the goldsource engine. 10/10 better than call of duty.

For what it was - a series of single-player Condition Zero missions - this was very good. At the same time, it didn't offer any more than that, but this is expected of an expansion.

This game is pretty much one of the best i have played! I like it more than Call of Duty 1. The voice acting is brilliant and the graphics are well... some weapons weren't that good looking and the last missions we're kinda hard for me. Mission 11 is the end where everyone is shooting at you and you must protect the helicopter and i had to use cheats! Other missions are great. Gameplay doesn't get boring but you just have to be careful!

9.0 / 10 - Excellent

I don't know, as Half-Life mod, CSCZDS pretty interesting (I liked the training part), but as full game... Also, it's a little buggy :(


C'est un super jeu avec campagne solo. Le meilleur des CS !


wawa26 says

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Nice idea to putting CSCZ into adventure mission game. Counter-Strike fans may like this.

This game is one more proof that Half-Life 1 engine is awesome!


the game is terrible.
in some levels you can see posters of nude, and very poorly dressed women reavealing their full back side and front.

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