Retro PS1 style horror... Im trapped, locked in a corporate facility in the Texas mountains at the border of Mexico where I work. I'll try to leave, have I tried already? Everything is all a blur in my mind, the was seem more decayed. Was it always like this? I hear screams in the distance, ghostly footsteps in the halls with no source. Doors opening and closing without reason and the staff, Oh god the staff, what happened here? I must escape, I need to escape have I tried before? My skin feels odd. There everywhere, and no where! Where is everybody!? One of those things had Mark's badge, I barely recognised the face. Oh god the face I need to get out! I can't believe it, I found a journal...MY journal. One I never wrote but there it is. Is this a joke? I woke up again, things are more foggy, but I remember the journal. Oh god, it's getting worse, whats happening to me to this place? If you'r reading this pleas, for the love of god get me out of here!! It's always watching.

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