Contagion isn't your average Zombie Shooter but instead takes a more realistic and different approach to the popular genre with unique characters, environments, weapons, items, and a built in system that makes every round completely unpredictable with resources, objectives, and paths ever changing. From the creator of Zombie Panic: Source Brian "Tatsur0" Comer we introduce it's spiritual successor.

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We've just put out a very important release for us and the modding community with our Contagion SDK authoring tools already out it was time for our Contagion Steam Workshop to be released, but along side it we've released our Contagion Panic Game-Modes, a new weapon, and a preview of our next map CE_Biotec!

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Our Contagion Steam Workshop is finally out allowing users to publish their maps and other mods! Be sure to check our Contagion WIKI and visit our Mapping & Modding discussions to share your work before publishing! Worth mentioning we will be adding in an in-game store later for the freelancers, those looking to step into that world, or those who've honed their skills allowing for Unofficial content to be sold (so long as no one is infringing on anyone's work) and possibly including work for Official content (no eta on this just yet).

Contagion Steam Workshop is Live!
Updated SDK authoring and workshop publishing tool
Updated SDK authoring and workshop publishing tool
Contagion Steam Workshop is Live!

Which is a perfect combination with our newly released (WIP) much demanded and recently added ZPS inspired "Panic" Game-Modes which right now are working on edited versions of existing maps especially with all the talk of porting maps over via workshop. This does not replace ZPS but we're hoping our veterans will step in and help us in quickly balancing it out. We're looking for enthusiasts in this regard to post in our Contagion Panic Specific Discussion.

Contagion - Panic Game-Modes are out now!
Contagion - Panic Game-Modes are out now!
Contagion - Panic Game-Modes are out now!
Contagion - Panic Game-Modes are out now!

Our guys and FXBooth have been working hard improving animations, effects, facial expressions, visuals, audio, and more for our Enhanced Contagion - Source Filmmaker Cinematic Trailer which is different enough you've got to check it out now in full 1080p! For those that are curious the songs name is "Sleep" by Forbnl (Ed Harrison & John Dekker)

More has been added and more is being added with CE_Biotec nearly done and looking at an early release next month as well as much more every month. There will be balancing and fixes on anything we catch but as you can see we've even improved hit-box code! We are always listening both good & bad and even when we can't see it ourselves we rely on your eyes and comments.

CE_Biotec Preview
CE_Biotec Preview
CE_Biotec Preview

Also keeping up with our Kickstarter backers another has contacted us and requested this golf club which is in-game now!

Our Kickstarter Backer's Melee - Golf Club

Was designed by the Kickstarter Backer but is not exclusive to Kickstarter. Some have been confused about this as it's available to all

May 11th Update - Changelog:

  • Added Contagion Steam Workshop and addon publishing support in ContagionSDK
  • Added Panic Classic and Objective game-modes
  • Added Panic game-mode to pre-existing maps (look forward to seeing your published maps
  • Added Riot Zombie as Player Controlled main zombie for Panic game-modes
  • Added Riot Zombie first-person hand textures
  • Added New Zombie Player HUD
  • Added Golf-Club Kick-starter weapon
  • Added Player Zombie 'Command' ability to control a horde that is following you
  • Added Survivor breathing sounds when sprinting
  • Further optimisation to hit-box code to try improve on current system
  • Fixed random survivor changing per round

Update just went out before this got authed!

May 12th Update - Changelog:

  • Improved zombie pathing on Barlowe Square
  • Fixed Achievements and Key Binds menu elements not being visible
  • Improved code that gets rid of used weapons when their action is complete (e.g. FirstAid Kit)
  • Fixed non-chosen player always being the Riot Zombie in Panic game-modes
  • Fixed flashlight sound repeating, when on dedicated servers
  • Fixed AI zombies not spawning when changing from a Panic server
  • Fixed broken survivors spawn system on Escape maps
  • Improved zombie pathing on Barlowe Square
  • Fixed Eugene's materials to glow when he is seen through Zombie Vision
  • Fixed IED quick-dropping glitch that caused weapon HUD to order incorrectly

As we've said we've put together a budget that allows us to release major updates including free content, free DLC Bundles, updated content, new features, improved performance, multiple platforms, multiple peripheral support like Oculus, and much more every month this year and into 2015! Get pumped!

Looks like we have a small update coming out on the 12th so keep a look out!

He're a look at what we're working on atm -Here-

-The Contagion Team


I'm officially interested in this game... due to the workshop support, and the cool game modes.

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Tatsur0 Author

I hope you enjoy it as much as we! And remember all content (including DLCs this year) are free. We have a whole year of major updates for each month an minor updates to keep things interesting and a reminder of why we decided to go Indie. It's not about the money it's about doing what we love (though being able to keep doing it as our lives get more complicate with family and such isn't bad heh). Be sure to check out the videos and research before you buy!

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wow, this title shows a very good prospect... steady improvements from day to day

I'm interested in your line: "multiple peripheral support like Oculus". Any hint to satisfy my curiosity? ;)

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Tabajara77 Creator

Thanks for the new game-modes Monochrome Team!

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The more ZPS like this game gets the better. I miss good old ZPS ;_;

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I guess, there where aspects of ZPS that I liked but lack of bots and such, wasn't much variety in that game where as here we got a few gametypes. I like how Contagion takes some psychological elements from Dayz, feels like the game isn't as constrained by typical multiplayer games we've seen before and does something with the genre.

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Shot a guy in the head and strolls in "I seen dis **** before"

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