Conquest of Elysium 3 is an old school fantasy strategy game. You explore your surroundings conquer locations that provides the resources you need. Resources needed vary much depending on what character you are, e.g. the high priestess need places where she can gather human sacrifices, the baron needs places where tax can be collected and where iron can be mined. These resources can then be used for magic rituals and troop recruitments. The main differentiator for this game is the amount of features and special abilities that can be used. The game can be played on Windows, Linux (x86 and raspberry pi) and Mac OSX (intel and powerpc).

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vladikus The Lazy One
Mar 4 2012 Anchor

Hey all, a scenario has been released (though it is still being developed), and it can be found at

It is part of the CoE3 Trial by Fire, so make sure to post if you complete it. If you happen to find a reference to yourself... then it's purely a coincidence ;)

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Mar 5 2012 Anchor

Good map.but the Iron big one is too storng...
I lose game 3 times first year.

vladikus The Lazy One
Apr 15 2012 Anchor

Doing the rounds of announcing an update to this scenario (April 15th). Not an overhaul, but still adds some goodies that should both ease the game and make it more fun). Enjoy.

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Slackware 14.0
Debian 6.0.6

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