Conquest is a simultaneously executed turn-based tactical combat game placed in a dark and distant future. Play the role of a futuristic commander. Divide your armies and conquer the world. Position satellites to reveal your opponents. Launch missiles to annihilate large troop formations, but watch out for incoming drop pods behind your back. Standing in your path to victory are other commanders like yourself. Fight them off one by one and prove you are the greatest of the great. The combination of fast gameplay and randomly generated maps equals to long, restless nights of battles for cities. Drag and drop your way to victory. Divide and conquer!

Hyeron says

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What's so great about Conquest is the sheer speed of the game. There's no messing around, no time lost, even the tutorial is barebones enough to throw you into play in minutes (but fair enough to not leave you unarmed in front of the opponent and backed up by a handful of useful in-game tips).

It only takes a few minutes to play a game, the AI is good enough to let you have fun in single player. A handful of environments are included so as to avoid boredom (it certainly could do with a bit more, but then again we're just talking about a tactical map), nice eye-candy, great soundtrack... Totally worth it.

The only thing standing between the game and pure awesomeness is the lack of opponents in multiplayer (or maybe I logged in at the wrong time).

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