Play as the zombies! Conniption is an upcoming indie game by FarrugiaSoft in which you play as an infectious disease with the sole purpose of eliminating everyone on Earth. Play as an ultra-intelligent self-aware virus capable of reanimating the dead and turning them into your minions. Spread amongst the globe, infecting and reanimating all those who stand in your way. Strategically place and position your infected, hunt down terrified civilians, mutate and evolve your ranks, construct diseased structures, terrorize military interventions and invoke state-wide biological disasters. Take humanity by surprise and leave no survivors. DESURA Release: 26th October 2013

nathan105 says

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i would have given this game a solid 8 but it will never be updated again
nor is it being worked on the developers are frauds and have run away with the money of everyone who buys this unfinished game including myself my past 2 comments have been deleted by these scammers to make sure nobody figures it out if they can they will delete this too

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