This is a game that I am making for fun. I want to at least get it to the prototype stage before I move. The game will feature the players home solar system being thrust by a unknown force through the galaxy. Your goal, protect your precious solar system at all costs, all the while being pulled towards some unknown force... This game will borrow gameplay mechanics from asteroids, tower defense, and space shoot em up arcade games. Use a arsenal of weapons(prototype game will only have a few), and your tractor beam to destroy/tractor asteroids, planets, suns, space phenomena and maybe even other life forms. Also use materials from destroyed planets and space junk to research shields and orbiting defense satellites for the planet. The prototype will feature most of these. As my goal is to have the prototype released in a couple months. Please leave positive constructive feedback only, I need the motivation to keep working on the game.

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Well I know its been a few days since I have posted anything on here its because I spent 3 days redoing the entire base code to use matrices and transformations as well coding it to work with any resolution. Now that's all done I decided to let gravity affect the players ship, and now have the ability to spawn several solar systems at once. The planets will be slowed down ( as at that speed there is no way to avoid them ), i just enjoyed watching them fly everywhere while trying to get the lasers, the aiming reticle, and the exhaust effect working. I also started working on some ideas for the background visuals starting with some basic twinkling stars which were incredibly simple to do.
This will be the last time I leave my radio playing while recording (woops), I plan on adding in weapon sounds and player exhaust sounds, and maybe some ambient back noise. (Even though I know in space, there is no medium for sound to travel through.

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