Codename: Diggers is a 2d top-down shoot'em up with hordes of enemies in horror + sci-fi setting. All in simplicity spirit of such classics as Crimsonland, Phobia and NaaC. Lots of shooting, killing and dying. We want it to be easy to play in quick runs as in "I have 10 minutes for killing". Think of it as Shoot'em Up Theme Park.

You kill waves of alien bugs and their nests using various weapons and powerups. Sometimes friendly turrets and drones will help you. Along with earning experience you’ll get level-lasting boosters for basic stats or environmental conditions. When things get overwhelming you can call for Orbital Weapon Support or AI controlled troops. You can also build up trenches.

Story so far
You are a member of elite Delta10 squad within Ministry of Colonization Engineering Corps. Your task is simple “Preparation of inhabited planets for further colonization”. In short words: exterminate everything that moves. Areas of your interest are infested with alien, highly hostile creatures called Diggers - mindless and eager to kill overgrown insects. With help of guns and other lethal solutions you have to kill as many as you can before you die. I mean before civilian colonization starts.

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Bravo preview


This milestone brings few new things:
- Power ups
Diggers are dropping small packages that give you superpowers for a while. Kill for candy that makes you immortal or paralyzes Diggers.

- Boosters
Increase your stats so you can have a chance against rising waves of Diggers. Inject retrovirus to regenerate your body or use experimental ammo that makes more damage.

- Manual turrets
Now you can be in charge of some heavy firepower.

- Kind of scenario Smiley
We’ve made few missions that gives you a little insight into Codename: Diggers world.

- Nuke bugs
Nothing is better than killing your enemies with your enemies.

Some screenshots:

Bravo preview

Bravo preview

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