Clyde's Adventure Reborn is the rebirth of an 8-bit puzzle platformer DOS game called Clyde's Adventure.

Eight months ago I set out to recreate a classic DOS game called Clyde's Adventure. This is a game that I have many fond memories of and one of the major inspirations to the person I have become. I want to recreate that experience for others to enjoy.

Clyde's Adventure Reborn will feature all 32 castles from the classic DOS game and include many more. It's main features are the level editor and online sharing mechanics. In Clyde's Adventure Reborn gamers will be able to create their own castles from scratch and submit them online to share with their friends.

This online 'library' of castles will feature a rating system both by castle author and by individual castles. I believe with this system in place gamers will be able to get on the game and be playing new, fun castles often. This will give the game great replay value (something the original title lacked).

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Level Editor Features


Update on KickStarter:


Hey everyone,

I'd like to show off a couple of the latest features I've built for the level editor in Clyde's Adventure Reborn. Whilst working to build the castles from the original game for Clyde's Adventure Reborn we've hit a couple points with the editor that we felt were slowing us down a great deal.

The first, which will be easily understood if you watch the video, was when placing 'tile sections'. What this means is that in any given 'tile section' bar, you have to place left, middle, and right tiles to make it appear as though it's one long section of tile instead of a bunch of little ones. My solution to this issue was to create what I've called the Smart-Tile-Placer for any such tiles. What this does is auto-caps your tile sections as you draw them. You can see it being used in the video best while drawing the 'Z' bricks. Before we'd have to open up the available tiles menu, select the left tile, place it, open the menu again, select the middle tile, place it, and so and so on.

Which leads to the second point: having to constantly open that menu and jump around to find the tiles you are placing. The solution I've chosen to implement to solve this issue is the 'favorites radial menu'. This menu makes it so you can select up to 8 tiles as your 'favorites' that you can select very quickly from an analog radial menu system.

These features have greatly increased our production speed and we hope to have all the original castles rebuilt for Clyde's Adventure Reborn within a few weeks.

Thanks so much for all your support!

- Sam

Clyde's Adventure Reborn - KickStarter

Clyde's Adventure Reborn - KickStarter


You can support Clyde's Adventure Reborn on KickStarter now and receive a copy of the game upon it's completion! :)


is this still alive ? is this gona come to a Steam when its ready ? I would support it but I have no idea the rest of this project

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